book review

queens of cuteness

hey there! today i'll be sharing my thoughts on Queens of Geek with you.

genre: ya contemporary
pages: 288
rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️
GR rating: 4.07

queens of geek was so hyped in my little book world that i just had to pick it up. so i downloaded it and read it straight away!

it was cute. very cute.

i loved the friendship between the three main characters, i thought they were all a good representation of high school best friends and i loved how diverse the group of charters were. we had a main girl who was plus sized with autism, a main girl who was asian-australian and openly bisexual, and a love interest who was a black lesbian. 10/10 for good representation jen!

the little monologue in taylor's head about how she feels day to day with her anxiety at the end of chapter five hit me So Hard. it was like reading a page from my own diary. it got to the point i had to put it down for a bit because i was going to cry thinking about it.

that was another thing about this book – it covered A Lot of topics. some better than others. a few things, like anxiety and sexuality, were done incredibly well and showed such great rep for people struggling with those things. however some topics, like slut shaming, were just there for the sake of it? it was like they were added just so it could be talked about, and yet it was pointless because all of the characters felt the same way about it? it just seemed like jen was trying to do so much in such a small book that some parts just failed for me.

much like the romance. i am not a fan of insta love so charlie and alyssa had me rolling my little gay eyes, although i still kind of loved them because i will take 100000 girl/girl insta love stories over reading straight insta love in every. single. book. the other main romance was taylor and jamie because if charlie was off falling in love then of course taylor had to as well. it seemed so rushed and forced, and honestly if they had turned up to the con as a couple i would've been far more invested.

that's another thing i was meh about. the con. more specifically the fact that charlie with her 3 million subscribers, panel appearances, film press, and meet & greets still happened to be surprised every time someone recognised her. bitch please. 3 million subscribers is the kind of numbers where you'd have security at a con that size. come on.

also, her film…is it out yet? is it about to be released? who the hell knows. she's doing all of the usual pre-release press you'd expect from a film like that, and yet people were telling her they'd already seen it three times. the timeline never made sense to me.

but the friendship was cute, the setting was fun, and the representation was great, so overall i give queens of geek three stars and i'll probably check out more of jen wilde's books!

all the love,
meghan xx


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