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my august challenge

hey there internet!today i wanna talk about my favourite month: august. as a kid it was my favourite because not only was i not at school, but it was also my birthday! as an adult the excitement has died down slightly but i'm still a big kid when it comes to my birthday! so every… Continue reading my august challenge

book review

queens of cuteness

hey there! today i'll be sharing my thoughts on Queens of Geek with you.genre: ya contemporary pages: 288rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️GR rating: 4.07queens of geek was so hyped in my little book world that i just had to pick it up. so i downloaded it and read it straight away! it was cute. very cute.i loved the… Continue reading queens of cuteness

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Anna and the French Kiss | Series Review

Hey there internet! Today i'm here with a review of the Anna and the French Kiss Series! This review will may contain spoilers, so consider yourself warned!! Anna and the French Kiss  4.5/5 stars I changed my mind so many times when reading this book. At first i didn't really care about the story, or the characters. In fact the only… Continue reading Anna and the French Kiss | Series Review

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Favourite Love Stories | Valentine’s Day 2016

Hey there internet, happy valentine's day!Today i thought i'd just do a quick little post telling you a bunch of my favourite love stories.Let's go!! Something Like Summer (and the whole series)Anna and the French KissLola and the Boy Next Door A Midsummer's NightmareEverything, EverythingThe DuffAlec & Magnus in The Mortal Instruments Finding Audrey Boy Meets BoyKnow Not… Continue reading Favourite Love Stories | Valentine’s Day 2016